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      Aluminum Crane System
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      The self-supporting aluminum rail system is easier to select and match, and the solution is customized according to the customer's site requirements, and the maintenance is also more convenient.
      Self-supporting aluminum rail system

      Self-supporting aluminum rail system

      Rated load 2000 kg

      Product advantages

      ?   · Light weight

      ?   · Rated load: up to 2000 kg

      ?   ·  Material: EN AW 6005 T5 natural aluminum material, stronger than the ordinary 6063 type of tensile strength, non-proportional elongation stress

      ?   · Sliding resistance: the thrust during the start-up phase is less than 0.5%, and the thrust during the running phase is less than 0.25%.

      ?   ·  Safety factor 5:1 with secondary protection

      ?   · Anodic oxidation of the track surface: making the surface hardness higher, corrosion resistant and wear resistant.

      ?   · The unique flexibility and versatility of the aluminum alloy track system allows the operator to easily handle large workpieces and avoid product and personnel injuries.

      ?   · Standardized accessories: Easier selection and matching, customized solutions according to customer's site requirements, and maintenance is also more convenient.

      Product hanging style

      Yale's lightweight aluminum rail suspension, self-supporting and jib cranes make up a complete lightweight material handling solution. Among them, the hanging type and the self-standing type are particularly prominent.

      The Yale aluminum rail maximizes the operator's ability to handle a wide range of workpieces in a given monorail or work area XY in the easiest way. The aluminum rail system consists of seven basic parts, namely the lifting point, the rail, the end beam, the main beam, the hoist trolley, the stop and the functional system. Yale aluminum alloy tracks are available in 3 basic models. ETA-4, ETA-5, ETA-8.

      Smooth operation, giving you a better working environmentYale Rail Systems has a 60-year history of branding in the United States and is used in major automotive and related industries in North America, providing us with the most secure and reliable applications. When the track system runs more easily and effortlessly, it gives the staff not only a pleasant handling experience, but also a healthier working environment. That's why Yale pays special attention to the best operating system when developing system components. We redefine the ergonomic design of the rail system.

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